Cordien is a label founded by the designer Sofia Codraro as a natural evolution of her previous collaboration with luxury brands, most of all with Swarovski and Trussardi with the Turkish designer Umit Benan. She’s currently working with M Missoni developing the accessories collection and the RTW capsules collections and with Missoni developing the jewelry collection for the main line. 

Sofia's style plays with the illustrations from enameled brass in her "Cordien" jewellery collection. A powerful and dressy concept where craftmaship and design find concrete expression in ironic bijoux and sophisticated and eclectic collection is characterized by a mood with colorful and vibrant contemporary tribute to the beauty and the characteristics of women from different countries.

The collection is built around feminine figures touring through Hawaii, Japan, Mexico, Texas, France, England, and in settings such as the Tropical Forest and the Ocean.
A fan of female figures in which characterising elements, real or fantastic, authentic or imaginary, synthesize themselves to create the composition of a caricature, bijoux almost “Totemic”, an instinctive and light interpretation of the world. 

The balance of materials is the key to the movement of the entire collection brass melting into enamel for a sparkling and spicy look, while the lightest and high-quality gold-plating are the basis for shimmering details and accessories.